Mason Jars and Meal Planning

In order to eat more mindfully, save time, and reduce the chaos in the morning (or afternoon), it helps to plan ahead and mason jars are key! You can create your breakfast and lunch for the next 3-5 days in a matter of minutes.

Mason jars are one of my favorite kitchen staples. I love them for meal prep because they are not plastic, they stack nicely, look beautiful in your fridge, and you can heat them in the microwave or stovetop without having to make a mess with dishes.

Some ideas to get you started

Check out my article on chia seeds with one of my favorite recipes. It is so good and it saves so much time! My veggie prep video is also helpful for prepping your favorite salads!

This morning I made 5 chia and oat breakfast jars and it took me less than 10 minutes. The beauty of this is that when my husband leaves for work he can just grab it and go. I’ll have one as soon as I finish my coffee and if my girls decide to have one in their lunch it is ready!  This recipe is just a base as you can add anything and everything to these. The chia seeds and oats make the mix like pudding and if you like it hot, you can warm it up in the microwave (or place mason jar in a sauce pan with boiling water if you want to avoid the microwave).   We usually add berries but I LOVE using Naked Peanut butter powder, almond slivers, and cacao nibs in mine.

Remember: if you plan your meals ahead, you will be prepared with the ingredients necessary, you can control your calories, and most importantly you can get proper nutrition. AND IT SAVES YOU SO MUCH TIME!