Why Mindful Carrot?

While working on my thesis in college, I spent a lot of time trying to make sense of politics. The Carrot & Stick Theory stuck with me and I think about it often. The stick is the driving force that pushes us but what motivates us? Our carrots. 

Working with clients I find myself thinking of this theory often. How can I help my clients work just a little stronger, a little longer, with better form, or stay on track with their nutrition and weight loss journey? The impact is so much greater when my clients think about what motivates them (their carrot), as opposed to being told to work more or try harder. My goal is to inspire my clients to connect with their motivations and goals because the result will be a true life change.

I've learned to be more mindful in my own life - first, while living in Africa, working with the children of Rwanda and now, while raising three daughters in Bend. We all have busy lives and moments when it can feel like our head is spinning as we rush through the day. The result of this rushing is usually more mistakes made as we work less efficiently, and feel totally stressed out.  When I have these moments I try to ground myself. If we can learn to slow down and think with depth (mindfully) about the choices we make, we will naturally make better choices and stay in control.