Why Mindful Carrot?

During my college thesis work, delving into politics, the Carrot & Stick Theory resonated with me deeply, emphasizing the driving force of the stick and the motivator - our carrots. This concept continues to influence me, especially as I work with clients. I aim to assist them in enhancing their strength, endurance, form, and adherence to their nutrition and weight loss goals by encouraging them to focus on what motivates them—their carrots. Inspiring clients to connect with their inner motivations leads to genuine life transformations.

My journey towards mindfulness began in Africa, working with Rwandan children, and continues as I raise my three daughters in Bend. In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and make errors due to haste. In such moments, I prioritize grounding myself. By slowing down and mindfully considering our decisions, we naturally make better choices and maintain control over our lives.