Valentine's Day - Keeping It Mindful and Meaningful

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do like the idea of taking a little time to show my loved ones what they mean to me. With $18 billion spent every February on flowers, chocolates, gifts, and restaurants in the United States, I feel motivated to do something different (that does not require a trip to the mall or induce a sugar coma)!

So how can we really celebrate love while avoiding the trend of spending money, consuming sugar, and doing what we think we “should” do to show our love?

I have an idea: you will just need to spend a little time preparing. Driving to the store and trying to find something to buy will take you more time than sitting down and dedicating a few minutes to your loved ones.    

All you need:  Piece of paper (one for each person your expressing your love to), sharpie/pen, and a pile of Post-It Notes. You're 20 minutes away from expressing your love without using your credit card.

***If you don’t have Post-It Notes on hand, make your own. You can cut heart shapes out of paper and use tape to stick them. 

  1.  Brainstorm on paper:  Write down all the things you love about the person. If it's your spouse, make it personal, fun, and a little sexy! If for a kid make it silly, sweet, and exciting. You can include some coupons like: Free kisses, Breakfast in Bed, massage, game of basketball, family game night, etc.
  2. Once you’ve filled up your paper with ideas, all you have to do is write them down on post-it notes!  Place finished Post-it notes on the brainstorming paper to keep them in place.
  3. Spread the love the morning of Valentines: Spread the notes everywhere the loved one might be throughout the day!  I did this years ago for my husband (boyfriend at the time). I covered the inside of his car with post-it notes, hid some in the fridge, in his work bag, on his water bottle, bottom of his coffee mug, in his coat pocket, etc.
  4. Ideas for your kids:  Hide them in their dresser drawers, lunch box, on the bathroom mirror, in their shoes, coat pockets, school folders, etc. This is such an easy but fun way to express your love!

That’s it - so simple but so meaningful.

Happy Valentines Day!