So, Da Problem is SUGAR!

Too much sugar increases your risk of heart disease, causes diabetes, weight gain and impairs brain power.”

Drinking soda will only keep you further away from your health and fitness goals. A single 12oz can of soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar.

The American Heart Association recommends that daily added sugar be no more than 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men. There are 4 grams of sugar per 1 teaspoon which means consuming just ONE can a day brings you over the recommend daily amount without eating or drinking anything else.

If you drink one can of soda a day for 30 days you will have consumed 300 teaspoons of sugar (10 teaspoons per can x 30 days = 300 teaspoons).  300 teaspoons of sugar = 6.25 CUPS of SUGAR  or 1,200 grams of sugar.

SO.. DA Soda has to go!  Cutting out soda is one simple mindful step that you must take if you are looking to better your health, lose weight, be more mindful, feel more energized, and ultimately live longer.

CDC’s fact sheet about Sugar