Easter Bunny - Keeping it Real

The challenge is the Easter Bunny….

What does the Easter Bunny bring the kids? If we make sugar the focus this is how they will remember the holiday. The focus can and should be so much more than sugar. Holidays are such an opportunity to embrace our family and friends and truly appreciate our life and loved ones. I was a kid once and I know how fun treats are but we must take the opportunity to remember something greater, something more than a chocolate bunny.

This takes work and more time but here are a couple ideas..

Fruit Basket! Save your money in chocolate and buy a beautiful basket of fresh fruit. If chosen carefully your family will love it just as much as a chocolate bunny.

Games- Take a few minutes and google Easter games- check out these 12 Hilarious Easter Games For Family Gatherings. Takes a little prep, but the payoff is fun times that your family will remember forever.

Tickets: To anything that would promote family time. This time is priceless and will be remembered.

GIVE back together:  Spend some time making and handing out sandwiches, sliced apples, granola bars, etc. in your community. This is so important to help our future generation understand that we can help our community by giving, and every kind gesture/action makes a difference.

My challenge to you all is to make this Easter more about your time, energy, and gratitude. Keep it real - they will remember.