Cinco de Mayo - Ditch the Chips!

Cinco De Mayo = Americans consuming lots of Mexican food. It is estimated that Americans will consume more than 70 million pounds of avocados and 16.6 million pounds of tortilla chips on this one day alone. There are many benefits to eating Avocados, but tortilla chips are a different story. If you have weight loss goals and or just want to feel better at the end of this party weekend, DITCH the chips.

I have the perfect substitute =  Veggies. Sliced Cucumber is the perfect alternative. Not only is the taste fabulous but cucumber is good for you. You will cut your calories, nourish your body with good stuff, and at the end of the day you'll feel so much better. Not to worry if you don’t have cucumber on hand or they are not in season - ANY veggie will do!  Zucchini, radish, and carrots are also great substitutes.

If you are eating out, just ask for a plate of sliced veggies. I’ve tested this and have never been turned down. Chances are they have something fresh in the back and maybe if we all ditch the chips, the ripple effect will be that we are healthier and our carbon footprint will be smaller. Remember the BEST way to reduce your footprint is to buy what is in season - FRESH!