A Mantra for a New Year

A Mantra for a New Year: “Slow Down, Enjoy The Moment And Take Action.”

I’m sure those of you who are parents can relate to this. We only have so much control over what our kids see, hear, taste, and feel. The older they get, the less control we have! Scares me, but it also helps me focus on the things that I still have some control over. Like how we eat at home, play together, work together, socialize with our community, and communicate as a family. To take control of these things, we must ACT.  
 We can use this in our own lives. How we as adults, eat, play, work, socialize, communicate, move, etc. are mostly in our control. Mindfully breaking down how we do these things now versus how we want/wish to do these things can help us come up with our goals, visions, and maybe even resolutions for the new year.  Grab a piece of paper and jot down what you're doing now that you would like to change.  How many of those things do you have control over?  Circle them and then note what actions (physical and mental) are needed and finally how can you incorporate these actions into your day.  Set alarms on your phone, post it notes as reminders, and tell your loved ones your intentions.  Each day upon waking remind yourself (sticky note on the bathroom mirror) “I will slow down today, I will enjoy each moment, and I will continue taking action where it is needed” 
Slow down, enjoy the moment, and take action. I think it’s one of the most powerful things we can do.
Good things will follow!